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About St John Ambulance

We are St John Ambulance, the charity that steps forward in the moments that matter to save lives and support communities. Our vision is for communities that save lives and serve each other through volunteering for health and first aid.

Our highly trained volunteers keep people safe at events nationwide, springing into action to help with medical incidents and emergencies. We also help the NHS by responding to some 999 calls as well as transporting patients safely.

And every year around 500,000 people, including children and young people, learn how to save a life through our first aid training.

We have saved lives and relieved suffering for over 140 years, but we still have much to do. Find out more about our work.

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'I hope their stories will inspire many others to volunteer, learn new skills, and be confident to help when it really matters.'

Rev Richard Coles 2019


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