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What to do as a first aider

What to do as a first aider

See what the role of the first aider involves, from assessing the casualty, the situation, and protecting everyone from danger – to preventing infection.

First aiders need to be able to use the Primary Survey to deal with potentially life threatening conditions in order of priority. This means following the steps DR.ABC: Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

After you’ve used the Primary Survey, you can then move on to the Secondary Survey to question the casualty about what’s happened and to see if they have any other illnesses or conditions. As a first aider you may also need to decide when they need an ambulance.


The role of a first aider

Assessing a casualty: the primary survey

Assessing a casualty: the secondary survey

Do you need an ambulance?

Difficult situations

First aid is a simple skill and can have an incredible impact.

Learn first aid, be the difference.

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