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How your company can help

Corporate partnerships

At St John Ambulance, we have experts and volunteers delivering our charitable activities to train people in first aid, build lifesaving skills and provide vital services. You can be part of this and help us to achieve more through a variety of ways that bring mutual benefit: be that fundraising, employee and customer engagement or sponsorship.

When you choose to support St John Ambulance, we'll provide all you need to make our partnership and fundraising activities a success, including:

  • • an experienced and enthusiastic partnerships team
  • • access to our award-winning in-house PR team
  • • fundraising programmes with our counterparts in Wales, Scotland and potentially internationally
  • • messages that fit your brand and corporate social responsibility objectives
  • • a regionalised focus
  • • tailored programme for your business

Browse our pages to find ways that suit you and to see how others are involved. Alternatively, get in touch with our corporate partnerships team.