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Ambulance services volunteersAmbulance services volunteer

If you’re kind, caring and conscientious, we could use your help in providing ambulance services.

Our ambulance services provide essential A&E support, event services support, patient transport, bariatric service and repatriation to patients in need.

Each year we transport over 100,000 people needing emergency and non-emergency care.

As an ambulance services volunteer, you’ll be responsible for transporting, assessing and attending to patients in our care.

If you care about ensuring patients are kept safe, reassured and comfortable in a demanding environment, we’d love to have you on our team.

Roles in this category include:

Role title Minimum time commitment Qualification level
Emergency medical technician - As an emergency medical technician, you will be responsible for responding to emergency and non-emergency situations and transporting both walking and non-walking patients. 20 hours per month, mainly evenings and weekends

To apply for this role, you’ll need to be physically fit and previously trained to the level of an advanced first aider or an equivalent accredited qualification