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Event first aiders

St John Ambulance first aider volunteer Be part of a team that saves lives

As an event first aider, you’ll provide first aid care to people in need at public events. This volunteer role can see you at professional football matches, theatres, music festivals and big sporting events such as the London Marathon.

You don’t need previous first aid experience to become a first aider – we’ll give you all the training you need.

If you’ve got good communication skills and want to help people in your community, we’d love to have you on our team.

‘I didn’t have any first aid training before I signed up as a volunteer. I actually hate the sight of blood! But when someone’s in need, all the things you usually worry about don’t seem to matter. Being a St John Ambulance volunteer gives me a reason to reach out to others. When you give something of yourself, you get a lot in return.’ – Samira, First Aider

Roles in this category include:

Role title Minimum time commitment Qualification level
First aider - This introductory role is ideal for those who are new to first aid volunteering. We’ll give you all the first aid training you need. 2 events per month No previous first aid experience required
Advanced first aider - Advanced first aiders can act as clinical supervisors and mentors to first aiders. As an advanced first aider, you’ll receive extended training in first aid skills for events. 4 events per month A minimum of 12 months’ previous experience as a first aider
Cycle responders - If  you enjoy cycling and can work independently, this is the role for you! At large events, cycle responders are essential in ensuring people in need receive first aid quickly. 4 events per month, mainly evenings and weekends You must be previously trained as an advanced first aider to apply for this role, or have equivalent clinical training with a recognised clinical organisation