St John Fellowship

St John Fellowship

The St John Fellowship was formed on St John's Day 1983. For many years, ex-members of St John Ambulance had been meeting socially at each others homes as well as helping out on an informal basis. It was felt that there was a need for some sort of a St John 'Comrades' Association'.

At the meeting of the Council of St John Grand Priory held on 29 October 1986, it was agreed that the St John Fellowship should be officially recognised as a Branch of the Order. As such the Fellowship would become answerable to the Order for the conduct and good governance of its affairs.

This has now grown over the years to some 224 branches worldwide at the last count.

Our aims

The aims and objectives of the Fellowship are:

  • to support the charitable activities of the Foundations of the Order
  • to help former members in need, especially the incapacitated, housebound and those in hospital or residential homes who would appreciate visits and outings
  • to enable former members to keep in touch with St John and with each other in order to promote the aims and objectives of the Fellowship
  • to form local branches which will arrange meetings, social events and other activities as desired by members to promote, advance and encourage the work of the Fellowship.

It was decided that membership should be open to all those (over the age of 16) who have served or are still serving the Order or either of its Foundations, whether that service has been voluntary or remunerated. Members of their families are also eligible to become members.  

What we do

Today in the Priory of England and the Islands there are 139 branches with over 3,000 members, of whom a significant number assist at major national occasions including the Queen's Birthday Parade, the Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph and the London Marathon, as well as other events all around the country such as football matches, race meetings, fêtes and so forth. 

Fellowship members also help to set up and run exhibitions and displays, as well as becoming 'patients' when needed at competitions. As an example, the Fellowship in Belfast recently laid on a concert for the largest nursing home in the city. These activities are all in addition to carrying out care duties such as home visits, day outings for the elderly, and shopping trips for the housebound, the lonely and the ailing. 

Fellowship branches also raise generous amounts of money for good causes and every year make a substantial financial contribution to the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem. This last year the sum raised was just under £30,000 - the largest single donation from the Priory.

A Newsletter containing items from the branches is published triannually and this is sent to all branches, including those overseas to maintain our links with them.

The Fellowship mottos are those of the Order - pro fide which is the encouragement of all that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind, and pro utilitate hominum which is the encouragement and promotion of all work of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger, without distinction of race, class or creed.

If you would like to find our more about the Fellowship or have any questions contact us.