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Virgin London Marathon

11 reasons why I'm running the London MarathonLucie Vincer

Lucie Vincer from the Digital Communications team here at St John Ambulance is running the London Marathon for us this year and we couldn't be more proud. Here are 11 reasons why she's lacing up.

1. I'm ready for a fresh challenge

I’ve done a couple of half-marathons, and am ready for a new challenge. It all started when a colleague said ‘Let’s all do the Hackney Half  Marathon!’. I’d never dreamed of running that distance before, but I trained, ran it, and finishing it gave me a massive confidence boost. Distance is totally achievable, with training.

2. It's given me a reason to reach out to others

Here’s the thing about being a massive introvert: sometimes talking to people is hard. Fundraising £1,800 means approaching a lot of people. But now I’ve started asking, donations have started rolling in from unexpected places – including friends I’d lost touch with and old colleagues. Fundraising has given me a reason to renew these friendships in the best way possible.

3. I really believe in what St John Ambulance does

I’ve worked for St John Ambulance for over two years. It’s been amazing to see campaigns I’ve supported save over 50 lives, read stories of how our first aid training meant a schoolgirl was able to save her Stepdad’s life, and meet some incredible volunteers working to keep their communities safe. Being part of this brilliant organisation is a real privilege.

4. I no longer wanted to watch from the side lines

I scream and shout from our cheer point every year, and every year, get inspired by some amazing runners. Time to get off the side lines and join in.

5. Running gives my head a bit of breathing space

Getting outside, getting fresh air, and getting exercise – three things that have given my mental health a boost when I needed it. Whether it’s running off a long day, or running through a personal crisis, I always come home feeling better than when I left.

6. There are far too many snacks in our office

There’s a reason we re-named an entire bench the ‘calorie counter’. Time to burn a few off.

7. Training means exploring

Plotting a route for a long training run has led to exploring parts of the city I’ve never seen before. I’ve never felt closer to my community.

8. It's inspiring others

My cousin has joined a cross-country club. Whilst visiting my parents over Christmas, my mother got her bike out and cycled along with me on a six-mile run, a habit she intends to keep up. For someone as un-sporty as me to complete two half marathons and now train for a full one, it’s inspiring others to get out and get fit too.

9. I've never liked my toenails, anyway

My feet are taking a battering, but it’s worth it. Here’s your reminder not to burst blisters.St John Ambulance cheer point

10. I know I'll be looked after by some incredible people

Come race day, St John Ambulance volunteers will be lining the route, ready to pick me up, dust me down and get me over the finish line. I know I’ll be in safe hands with this brilliant team.

11. If not now, when?

I’ve been threatening to do this for so long that one of my colleagues started sending me passive aggressive emails written in pink comic sans, the most irritating of all type faces. I will do anything to make this stop. Bite the bullet - get out there and join #teamSJA!

Support Lucie and visit her Virgin Money Giving page to donate.