Barbara Smith, County Badger Friend from Crewe Barbara Smith, 1950s

‘I have so many memories of St John Ambulance and it’s such a wonderful organisation.

My husband Albert and I, together with our friend Tony Rimmer, were lucky enough to be on duty at the Queen’s Coronation. In between administering first aid, I was lucky enough to watch the Queen of Tonga and Duke of Gloucester’s family travel by.

Some of the first aid I administered during the day was to help people who had fainted after being overcome with excitement or lack of food.

On observing a man feeling faint Tony and Albert rushed to his aid. He was desperate to see the Queen and had travelled from Ireland to see her. My husband respected his wishes and delayed his first aid treatment. They held him up long enough so he could see Her Majesty pass by and then they swiftly administered the necessary first aid.’North West

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