Brenda Hird-Scott, Runnymede Branch SJA Fellowship from Surrey

Brenda Hird Scott, 1950sSouth East‘I was a volunteer of Addingstone Nursing Division when I was privileged to go on duty at the Coronation in 1953.

Travelling by coach we picked up other volunteers until we arrived in London in the early hours of the morning. Our first aid post was at the gates of Hyde Park Corner.

We had many casualties and I remember holding a waterproof sheet over them to shield them from the rain. We were taken to the front of the crowd where I remember seeing Winston Churchill leaning out of his carriage and waving.

We saw the Queen of Tonga waving and smiling from her open carriage in the pouring rain and of course our own Queen in her golden carriage. We arrived home 20 hours later very wet but happy.’

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