Iris Pellow, Chairperson of Gnosall Fellowship from Staffordshire

Iris Pellow, 1950sWest Midlands‘I have been involved with St John Ambulance since I joined the No. 55 Nursing Division in Southall, London, when I was just 11 years old.

I got so much out of being a part of the organisation as a young person. I saw many of the big shows at the London theatres as we covered the first aid duties there.

I became part of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and went to volunteer in a hospital. One of my most memorable duties was when I helped provide cover at the Queen’s coronation in 1953. It was a wonderful experience and I’ll never forget it.

After helping to run an active Badger Sett in Gnosall, l began fundraising for the charity alongside other volunteers.

Our volunteers are the backbone of our fundraising success, we work very much as a team and because we’ve been together as a group for so long we work very intuitively – we all know what needs to be done.’

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