Terry Walton Terry Walton

‘I joined an adult Division of the St John Ambulance Brigade at the age of 16.

My first time on a ceremonial duty was at the Trooping the Colour when I managed to disrupt the Mounted Band by carrying an open stretcher vertically upwards behind them, spooking the horses!

Due to family commitments, I have spent much time in Western Australia where I joined their Operations Branch. I have been a volunteer of St John in both countries ever since.

First aid duties are very similar in both countries. In London, I would be at the Arsenal Football Club, Highbury Stadium; and in Perth, the West Coast Eagles (Australian Rules) Football Club at Subiaco Oval.

Today I commit more time to the Museum of the Order of St John and also to giving talks on St John in Australia, where the organisation and first aid procedures are different. As a volunteer I particularly enjoy talking to Cadets and Badgers about the history of both St John Ambulance and the Order of St John.’

Source: Museum of the Order of St John

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