James Mavin & Michael Purvis from Sunderland

James and Michael, 2010sNorth East
‘During our time in St John Ambulance, we have completed first aid training and leadership courses, which has taught us how to cope in serious situations.

On our way home from school on the bus last year, we spotted a man on the ground. We didn’t know what was wrong so we got off the bus and went over. We checked his vital signs and as soon as we saw that the man wasn’t breathing, we started CPR . After a few minutes, an ambulance crew arrived to take the man to hospital. The first paramedic on the scene told us after that if it weren’t for our actions, the man may have died.’

James and Michael’s bravery didn’t go unnoticed and they were the first winners of the Guy Evans Award at the St John Ambulance First Aid Awards on 30 November 2011.

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