Jamie Humphreys from Devon

Jamie Humphreys, 2010sSouth West
‘In May 2010, my first aid skills were put to the test when my grandmother went into cardiac arrest. We were moving house and I was left to pack. I received a phone call from my mum saying that my grandmother was unwell.

When I got there, she was semi-responsive and I assessed her condition. She started to complain of serious chest pain and displayed FAST (Face-Arm-Speech-Time) symptoms.

My mum called 999 again to update them while I performed a primary survey and confirmed she had stopped breathing. With the assistance of a family friend, we performed several cycles of CPR before the ambulance arrived and I continued to assist all the way to putting her in the air ambulance. At the hospital, the A&E staff said that if I had not done what I did, she probably would not have made it.’


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