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Inspiring community response

Community First Responder with patient.

By 2022, St John people and our community response programmes will reach and sustain more of the communities most impacted by this generation’s community health challenges.

In 2022, that will mean:

  • • community response programmes, proven to contribute to relieving the impacts of increasing frailty in older people, poor mental health and restricted access to pre-hospital care for communities isolated by geography, society or circumstance
  • • 10,000 qualified and active St John health volunteers, representative of the communities they serve and available to contribute to health response in areas that need it most
  • • a programme of community outreach and education, proven to support effective community-led responses to health challenges.

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2. Young people at the heart of communities

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Cadets practising CPR.

3. Leading standards

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Volunteer treating patient's finger.

St John 2019 - 22: Serving your communities

Our three-year strategy is the beginning of a new chapter for St John. One rooted in our heritage of supporting the health of our communities. Find out more about our plans for the next three years.