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Information for parents and carers

All the useful things you need to know about joining one of our Badger setts or Cadet units.


All Badger setts and Cadet units charge a fixed annual subscription of £72 which can be paid annually or monthly.

The payment covers costs, such as:

  • • keeping young people safe
  • • leadership courses (Cadets)
  • • equipment, certificates, and badges.

There are sometimes extra costs for other events, such as camps and residential courses.

Subscriptions do not cover the cost of uniform.

Financial assistance

We are committed to removing barriers to participation and allow all young people the opportunity to become a Badger or Cadet, regardless of their parents' or carer's financial situation.

If you are concerned about any of the costs involved, please get in touch with your unit or sett manager as we may be able to offer financial assistance where it is needed.

Support for additional needs

St John Ambulance is an inclusive organisation and we are committed to ensuring all young people have equal access to participating in our Badger setts and Cadet units. We will work with young people and their families or carers to try and cater for any additional needs.

Please speak with your unit or sett manager to discuss how we can cater for any additional needs.

Keeping our young people safe

St John Ambulance takes child protection extremely seriously and we have comprehensive procedures in place which apply to all activities within the organisation.

We ensure that Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly CRB) checks are made, references taken up and a declaration signed by every applicant before they are allowed to work with or supervise children in St John Ambulance.

Our Safeguarding Policy covers a whole range of issues from risk assessments of child related activities to a number of training and awareness initiatives, combating bullying and much more. All members who work with children must follow the procedures laid out in this document. The organisation will take action against anyone not following these principles.

We train all our adults in best practice and take any measures required to strengthen and improve existing practice. We provide support visits which monitor and audit units to make sure they are in line with current practice. These are done through announced and unannounced visits to ensure units are working within policy.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to make a real difference in their community, to speak out on what matters to them and to help others in need of support and development.

We teach our young people about self protection. We make all our young people aware of what they should and should not expect from the adults they interact with. We make sure parents, children and young people know how to voice their concerns and get help if they are unhappy or worried about anything.

The organisation regularly reviews and updates the Safeguarding Policy to provide fresh guidance on legislative changes, the advances in technology and increased expectations of society. Keeping young people safe will always be of paramount importance to us.

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