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How do I plan activities?

Take it one step at a time. Using the resources available from St John Ambulance, develop medium (one term) and short (one or two week) term plans.

First aid activities

  • • Consider the different subjects where first aid links directly to the curriculum. 
  • • The activities should be either medium term or have a plan for several weeks to avoid needing new ideas each week.
  • • You could work on a thematic approach, such as ‘keeping safe’ and ‘communication and casualty care’, or focus on skill sets such as leadership, team work and confidence.
  • • We suggest having a practical activity each week - the resources have some ideas.
  • • Ask some of the volunteers to help organise the activities too. You could also consider inviting students to lead the session if they have experience of a particular topic such as asthma.

External activities

You may want to invite a St John Ambulance volunteer to contribute to a session, go out on a trip to an exhibition. Events or competitions held by an external organisation allow your club members to work towards something and exhibit on a national scale.

Fundraising activities

St John Ambulance is a charity and funds raised by school groups and clubs can help to train other school students in first aid or buy defibrillators for schools and local communities. There are lots of ways your club could get involved – information about this can be found through your local fundraising coordinator.

Get first aid in school on the PSHE curriculum

We need your help - if you agree that first aid should be part of the PSHE school curriculum, your voice needs to be heard now.

Find out more about how you can help get first aid in school on the PSHE curriculum.