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Increasing access to first aid knowledge

Our campaignsYou can never predict when you might be faced with a life or death situation. But if it comes to it, we want to make sure you have the skills and confidence to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

We’re always campaigning to raise awareness of first aid and developing new ways to provide people with basic knowledge – because even the most simple skills can save a life.

Our TV advert, The Chokeables, directly taught people how to save a baby from choking – a campaign that has already saved dozens of young lives.

We’re always working on more ways to spread our message to new audiences. Our goal is to make sure that, wherever a first aid emergency occurs, someone is on hand with the skills to help.

Our free first aid app puts life saving knowledge at your fingertips. We’ve also produced free pocket-sized first aid guides that have provided hundreds of thousands of people with the knowledge they need to help save lives.

Our campaigns

Nursery Rhymes Inc.

Do you know your puffs and pumps? Learn baby CPR with the Humpty and crew.

Nursery Rhymes Inc.

The Chokeables

The Chokeables are on a mission to save babies. Learn how to save a choking baby.

The Chokeables

Save a Life September

Make this the month you learn how to save a lifeSave a Life September

First aid training courses

The advice we offer online is no substitute for proper first aid training.

Find the right course for you

Frist aid training courses for the general public