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The Chokeables teach you how to stop a baby from choking

The Chokeables Third Sector Awards Finalist

Parents told us that over 40% of them have witnessed their own baby choke and when we quizzed them on the first aid, we found that almost four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation.

We know parents have their hands full, so we've made a short memorable video, The Chokeables – featuring the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt – that shows people how to help a choking baby.

In The Chokeables, the celebrities take on the characters of animated objects that could potentially choke babies: a small princess toy, a pen lid, a jelly baby and a peanut. They've joined together because they've had enough and want to show how easy it is to save a choking baby's life.

In just 40 seconds you can learn how to give first aid to a choking baby.

We hope people love the video and share it with their friends and family, so that as many people as possible know some first aid.

Other first aid resources for parents on our website include: dedicated first aid advice videos, a download and keep first aid poster, the St John Ambulance app, and an essential first aid course.

Real life story

Trudi Scrase saved her nine week old baby from choking using her first aid training from St John Ambulance. Watch Trudi tell her story here.

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