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Community first responders

St John Ambulance community first responder volunteerReliable, calm in an emergency, and passionate about helping your community. Sound like you?

If yes, you could become a community first responder.

As a St John Ambulance community first responder (CFR), you’ll provide emergency treatment to people in your local area. You’ll be dispatched by your NHS ambulance service to certain types of medical emergency (999) calls, and respond in your own car to patients in their homes, workplaces or public locations.

Having someone in the community who has been trained in first aid, and can reach the patient quickly, makes all the difference.

A CFR call can involve anything from simply reassuring the patient until the emergency services arrive, to providing immediate emergency treatment. Above all, it’s about being there for people in your community.

If you’re passionate about providing long-term community support, we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be on-call from your home or work address. You don’t need any previous experience - we provide all the training you need, including:

  • • induction for the role including first aid training
  • • on-going training and support run jointly by St John Ambulance and the NHS Ambulance Trust.

What you need:

  • • Your own car
  • • A minimum of two years’ driving experience.

‘As a community first responder, I can be at home, ready in my uniform and carrying on with my life as normal. If I get sent to respond to a 999 call, my kit is all ready to put in the car and I’m good to go! Volunteering has given me a purpose and made me realise what’s important in life – I used to get extremely stressed at work with a high-pressure job, but now I’m much more patient and understanding. It’s amazing knowing I’ve made a difference to someone’s life.’ – Tor, Community First Responder

Roles in this category include:

Role title Minimum time commitment Qualification level
Community first responder - You’ll be dispatched to be the first responder on the scene of 999 emergency calls. 5-8 hours per week on a shift basis No previous first aid experience required
Unit community first responder lead - You’ll be responsible for liaison, support and coordination of the delivery of CFR services. 6 hours per week, during evenings and weekends Prior training as a community first responder